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    October 27, 2010


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    Lori L Kozuch, Principal, Niagara National Inc.

    I too found the article wonderful. It makes you really wonder if you know exactly what your customers expect vs what we think they expect from us. It is our duty to ask our customers and see if there are areas that are being mentioned that we do not excel in. I believe many don't ask the question because the answer might not be convenient for us. In the increasingly competitive marketplace - it is time we Independent Agents to promote ourselves and see if we can really give the customers what they are looking for.

    Tim Dodge

    Lori, good points. I know that whenever I lost an account as a commercial lines underwriter, my instinctive reaction was always, "But--but--we worked so hard for them! We have all these great services! How could they leave over a couple of percentage points?" Maybe it was because the services we promoted didn't appear to be all that special from the customer's viewpoint. That certainly appears to be what the business owner in this article was saying.

    I think this is a good thing to remember regardless of whether you're an insurance company, an insurance agency, or an insurance trade association. Don't assume you know what people want. You may find out too late that you were wrong.

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