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    January 17, 2011


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    Abraham Sher

    Do you know any reason why A503, S803 is not being voted on.
    Who is holding up these bills in committee? I am receiving a pension and will never have losses for missed work, yet I have to have insurance against missed pay.

    Tim Dodge

    Mr. Sher,
    It appears that the Senate Insurance Committee is having its first meeting of the year in about a half hour (see, and they have four bills on the agenda. I can't tell whether the Assembly Insurance Committee has met yet this year, but they have scheduled a hearing for Feb. 16 on an unrelated issue (see The impression I get is that the bills you mentioned are not being blocked; they're just not very high on the committees' priority lists.

    auto insurance quotes

    They really have been busy. Some of those bills would be nice for small majority of people, but increase the auto insurance rates across the board. Legistlators have to understand that it is the customers who will foot the bill at the end.

    Tim Dodge

    I agree. Some of these bills get introduced every session with no success, which makes me wonder just how serious the proposals really are. I suspect that, while the legislators who introduce these bills do believe in them, they're probably not going to devote a whole lot of time and energy to getting them passed if it means giving less attention to the bills they really want. Just my humble opinion, worth the cost of visiting this blog.

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