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    May 11, 2011


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    Don Reese

    Please check Insurance law 5105 (McKinney's 2007). That states that the insurer has only limited options to recover the first $50,000 paid out under of the vehicles involved is over 6,500 pounds unloaded or being used for the transportation of people or property for a fee.

    Tim Dodge

    Thanks for pointing that out. You're quite right: For a no-fault insurer to recover its payment, the at-fault vehicle has to be one that has an unloaded weight of 6,500 or one that transports people or property for a fee. In addition, the no-fault insurer has no right of recovery if its insured suffered injuries while occupying a bus. Lastly, disputes over subrogation in these limited instances are subject to mandatory arbitration.

    I love it when readers of this blog add to the body of knowledge. :) Please, don't be shy about speaking up!

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