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    September 20, 2012


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    Greg Hogan

    I've been in the health insurance industry for over 20 years and I've often said the cost of insurance is not the issue, the issue is cost of care, because the cost of care drives the insurance premiums.

    Every doctor's office knows (or should, they have a contract) what they will be reimbursed for each procedure, how about making that public? We, as insurance agents, have to tell anyone who asks what we will make on their policy, let's do that with doctors and other providers.

    Ali T

    I have to agree it is a big ridiculous. People are kind of loosing their patience as well.

    Greg commented by saying that it is based on the cost of care, that is correct!

    People are simply unaware.

    Tim Dodge


    Unfortunately, the system doesn't help people to become more aware.

    Ali T

    Tim - You're right about that!

    Guess that's why one to one consulting in the human level is the best way to approach people and teach them!

    Regardless, great blog post!

    Keep it up

    Tim Dodge


    You'll get no argument from me.


    I just came upon your blog for the first time and was thumbing through your posts. This one happen to catch my eye. I myself am also fortunately enough to not be seriously ill and so I don't visit the doctor's office very often. However, I completely agree with you...I'd definitely want to know the price of a procedure BEFORE it happened. Surprise costs are never fun. Like you mentioned, every other industry tells you the price first. Health care should too. Thanks for sharing this experience. I enjoyed reading it.

    Allan B.

    I am afraid, that in few years when my kids will need to go to doctor, they will get cheapest care possible. Why just not regulate Pharmaceutical companies?

    Bobbie King

    The conversation above your article could trigger somebody to be mad and furious at the mechanic. They are obvious that they just want your money. You should have stopped the test.

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