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    January 29, 2014


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    Bob Fancher

    I see it as starting the conversation. I have felt from the beginning once this was moving along, past the technology issues, the discussions could start on how to make it better. I think it may be a little early to make solid judgments on what is good or bad, and how the public will have reacted overall - which we will not know, probably, for another year or more. I think this is how it should work. ACA passed good or bad whatever you think. It is here. Now it is a reality so the discussion should start on what is good and can be made better, and what may be a problem and how we can make adjustments. Thanks for putting it out here Tim.

    Tim Dodge

    Good points. I don't think any of the Republicans' ideas should be accepted or rejected out of hand until we have some idea of how they would affect the marketplace (with the exception of the essential health benefits requirement, for the reasons I stated above.) When the ACA passed, I assumed that in a few years there would be an "ACA Part II" to improve the original. That may yet happen.

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