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    February 10, 2014


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    Mike Brothers

    Something needs to be done to help and protect us Agents and Brokers that refuse to bow to the wishes of the government agencies as well as those in the private sector, demanding certificates conform to their needs regardless of what the policy is covering. every time the rebuttal I get is the same; We get it all the time from other brokers, why are you not able to comply like all the other brokers? If we do not police ourselves we are never going to win the war. I would like to think the problem is most of the agents/brokers willing to issue fraudulent certificates of insurance are ignorant to the law. I say this because here in Queens and throughout the 5 boro's of NYC, there are many store front agencies staffed by people that are simply in business to make money. They do not care for the clients, nor do they worry about their license. Someone else will come in right behind them with a license if they lose theirs. No one in these agencies belong to any association. CSR's are not licensed, The licensed broker is rarely available. They do not keep up with Acord standards. No computerization. I see many Acord certificates, LPR's, Binders etc., issued by these agencies that are 20-30 years old with and done by hand on a copy of a copy of a copy. There is also many agencies knowingly issuing these filled with information that alters or expand or modify the terms of the policy. I feel the Association should do all it can for the sake of the honest agent/broker who is there to protect our insured's interest and coverage as well as our good name. We need to continue to fight the good fight against those that think they are above the standards we are tasked with. But fighting this fight as one agent against one problem at a time will rarely get the job done. We need to work together and have our Association fighting with us where it needs it the most. We need to attack this at the street level. Yes we need to educate and police our fellow agents/brokers that either do not know what they are doing is wrong or don't care. Not only can the Association help out here, but it can possibly gain new membership at the same time.

    Tim Dodge

    Mike, thank you for your comments. I think this is a conversation that the industry needs to have.

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