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    June 26, 2009


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    Would it not be best to clarify it with the insurance company direct, then should a claim arise, you've got previous to fall back on??

    Tim Dodge

    Matt, There's nothing wrong with doing that, but the policy is binding, whereas an "understanding" between agent and insurance company is not. The person who clarifies the issue with you might not still be in that job when a claim occurs. Purely from an E&O loss control perspective, I still think it's best to notify both carriers. Although New York law has changed to make it more difficult for carriers to deny coverage for late notice, the carriers can still do it if they can show that their ability to handle a claim has been prejudiced. Notifying both carriers should take that issue off the table.

    Chris Joy

    Hi Tim,

    I was wondering if you knew of any "crash" P & C licensing courses for individuals seeking their NY state insurance license?

    Chris Joy


    Very informative article. I hope that you will post more and thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you.

    Tim Dodge

    Thank you for the plug. I'm glad you found this helpful.


    ca car coverage

    Mobile Equipment is covered while being carried or pulled by a covered auto. Mobile equipment is defined the same way in the Business Auto Coverage Form as it is in the Commercial General Liability Coverage Form. The goal is to eliminate gaps in coverage as well as duplicate coverage by defining it the same way in both forms

    pipe lifting equipment

    I think it is best to discuss it with your contractor and insurance company. A construction equipment being transported from one place to another or passing to any hiway and any other public roads should have a special authority and/or clearance.

    Tom Kevlin

    Does the Business Auto Policy Cover Unregistered Construction Equipment?
    The problem with relying on auto symbol #1 is that "you have coverage for "auto's" that you acquire of the type described for the remainder of the policy period." Once the policy renews coverage ends. Vehicle needs to be scheduled and a premium charge made.

    Tim Dodge


    I agree. There's no substitute for an insurance check at renewal, and that includes a check for changes to the vehicle schedule.


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    It really is best to submit claims under both policies. You can never know to which of these 2 your claim is more relevant, and relying only on one may cause financial losses.

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