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    July 22, 2010


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    Why is there a CHARGE for this endorsement?

    Tim Dodge

    I'll be honest, Robin...I don't know. The ISO rules say to refer to the company for the additional premium charge. I'm hard-pressed to think of a previously uninsured exposure to loss that would now be covered. Certainly the entity will have coverage where it did not before, but the actual exposures (building, contents, premises liability) are pretty much the same.

    Anyone want to weigh in on this question?

    chris mcaleer

    I would like to know if this endorsement for trust ownership in relation to a homeowners policy has been approved in New Hampshire.

    Tim Dodge

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I believe it is available in New Hampshire, as the entire Homeowners program was approved there effective in August 2011, but you might want to check with an underwriter to verify. I don't have access to New Hampshire filings, unfortunately.

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