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    September 22, 2010


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    Price Chopper handled the situation completely wrong.

    The person tweeting should realize their business has a relationship with Price Chopper, but with that said the store should never go after someone's job due a tweet that wasn't that out of line. Had the tweet been a vulgar statement then it would be a differnt story. But the customers personal choice of one store vs. another has nothing to do with their employer.

    There are thousands of people who prefer Wegman's to Price Chopper (and vice versa) does that mean they should try and get everyone fired who doesn't like their store?

    They should've reached out to the customer and waited for a response. Asked the customer "why they liked Wegman's better" and tried to sway the customer over to their side & improve that experience for all customers. They could've even turned it into a positive marketing message "long time Wegman's customer chooses Price Chopper now"

    Instead they acted like a scorned 2nd grader and "went to tell mommy that someone's being mean to me."

    The obviously have no idea how to use Social Media to their advantage. The person who made the call for the customers job should make a public apology and in turn should take a class in social media 101!

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