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    April 13, 2011


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    Mike D

    I am based in the UK and as a insurance broker we have the choice of either offering clients advice or providing information only on the products and letting the client make the choice.The broker must at the outset of the first meeting or call inform the client if advice or no advice will be given and follow this up with a written confirmation via an initial disclosure document which sets out the terms of business and how the the broker will engage with the client.I have to say most brokers in the UK will provide advice on a face to face basis,but if business is done online it will in most cases be on a non advice basis

    Tim Dodge

    Thanks for the input from the other side of the pond. Most broker-insured relationships in the U.S. aren't so formal, in that the services to be provided are not generally described in writing. I wonder if the UK practice will eventually work its way over here, particularly in states where the standard of care may be higher.

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