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    December 02, 2011


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    I learned a lot from this page it was very helpful, thanks for the info!

    Philadelphia Public Adjuster

    Public Adjuster Philadelphia

    I learned a lot from this page it was very helpful, thanks for the info!

    Tim Dodge

    Glad you found it helpful. Thanks for reading!

    cel mai ieftin RCA

    The insured has two claims. A hailstorm damages one side of the building;

    Anne Lawrence

    What exactly is it that a public insurance adjuster does? In Philadelphia PA, I've heard of so many people in college working to become a public insurance adjuster but I still have no idea what they do. Care to enlighten me?

    bryan flake

    Are public insurance adjustors able to work across all aspects of difference insurances? What I mean is; can there be a health insurance adjustor and a car insurance adjustor? Do I need multiple adjustors if I have multiple types of insurance?


    Tim Dodge

    Anna, I apologize - for whatever reason, I did not see your question until now. There's a good explanation of public adjusters at

    Bryan, in New York public adjusters can work only on claims involving property damage. The law may differ in other states.

    Xavier Smith

    Navigating the process of an insurance claim really is difficult. I guess the best way to go about it is to know more. Thanks for sharing some information.

     LMR Public Adjusters

    Love to read this blog the provided information are very interesting .

    Tim Dodge

    @LMR Public Adjusters, thank you for the kind words.

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