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    March 06, 2012


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    Ed Higins

    As business people, we recognize that there will always be circumstances when services required of a particular client demand that we set aside the desire for profit and instead do whatever is necessary to assist the client at that time. However, no business should begin and/or continue a relationship that is guaranteed not to produce a profit. Who would deliberately map a plan to go out of business by dealing consistently with unprofitable clients? It's a no-brainer that the DFS should allow an agent not to create/continue a business relationship with a client guaranteed to cause an unprofitable circumstance.

    Tim Dodge

    I completely agree. Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of agencies out there who think that they have to put up with bad customers forever. They don't have to do this, and they shouldn't.

    car insurance for a day guru

    I totally agree with this one! By law, agencies are not required to deal with such clients. Basically, it's the decision of the agency. But in the first place they shouldn't even bother.

    Lyla Burns

    I also completely agree. I don't know any insurance brokers kitchener that would take on someone that they don't feel comfortable dealing with. If a client comes with too much 'baggage' then the insurance company has the right to decline them. Thanks for this post.

    Tim Dodge


    Thank you for commenting!

    Auto Insurance Agents In Binghamton, NY

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    Robert Johannesburg

    I also totally agree with what everyone else has said. My brother-in-law is works for a company of insurance brokers in Mississauga, and he and I have had a lot of conversations like this. At some point, too much is too much. And the "bad" customer will have to face the consequences of their actions. If that means they don't have coverage and something happens...hopefully they'll learn that in the future they should be more responsible. ( )

    Tim Dodge


    Thank you for the comment!

    Business Insurance Texas

    I completely agree.What is the need if of having insurance policy if you dont have sufficient funds to secure yourself.

    Drew Mack

    This makes a lot of sense. As long as the reasons for denial of coverage are legal, I don't see the problem.

    If I was an agent, I would certainly not offer insurance to somebody who always missed payments as well.

    Tim Dodge

    Drew, exactly right. There are some reasons for refusing to do business that are not legal (race discrimination being the first example that comes to mind.) Absent something like that, no producer has to begin or stay in a business relationship with another person if that relationship isn't profitable for both.

    Tyler agent

    Thanks for the post, but I've noticed that when that seems to happen. It seems as though it doesn't work out that easy and some of the people in this situation have to go to court to deal with it. Especially when it comes to something as big as insurance.

    Tom Hardy

    Thank you for this article! It's very eye opening to what everyone has said, my sister and her husband are going through something similar to this. They live in Kitchener, there old insurance kinda did the "we can do this but..." on them and are looking for a new insurance to help them out a little bit.

    cel mai ieftin RCA

    In an unstable market depreciation insurance is a must but sadly people usually think of it when it is already too late.

    Whitney Williams

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information! What can you tell me about the insurance brokers in Calgary?

    service on street

    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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